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Siriusmed and you meet at medica 2020 world medical Exhibition

Time: 2020-04-17 Publisher: admin Number of Views: 6574

On December 9, 2017, the 2017 China Design Red Star Award Ceremony was concluded in Beijing Tianqiao Art Center. This year, there are 10044 products from 2313 enterprises participating in the Red Star Award, and the product "gray sculpure high end anesthesia workstation" submitted by Beijing siriusmed Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. emerged and won the red Star Design Award.

The overall inspiration of "gray sculpture" comes from the Hui style architecture which combines brick, stone and wood carvings. The spirit of the craftsman is fully reflected in the products. The functional modular design allows anesthesiologists to combine the optional functions they need, which is convenient and fast to meet the needs of clinical application. All functional operation areas are distinguished by light gray, highlighting the key points of operation. Under the condition of various systems integration, the whole machine fully considers the aesthetic concepts of human-computer engineering and golden section to enhance the human-computer interaction experience.